Hand Drawn Pixel Painting:A Moment of Static

Hand Drawn Pixel Painting: A Moment of Static is a set of two light cubes that explore the introduction of the human hand in pixel based image creation and the moment of visual static that occurs when pixels find themselves in chaos.The light shines through the coloured grid not only animating the grid but also casting a myriad of colour upon the adjacent surfaces (as well as the viewer themselves.)


Before beginning each painting I created a meditative atmosphere in which to work, understanding that for this work I was aiming to set out on a sort of journey, uncertain of where the tide would take me. A meditative space is taken into consideration in both the making and viewing of the work. The viewer stands in front of the cubes as if in front of a church window creating a moment of reflection and calm. Hand Drawn Pixel Painting: A moment of Static does not however pay homage to any particular god but rather to a moment.


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